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I am a professional, reliable and friendly chimney sweep servicing Central London, South London, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Kent and East Sussex.

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I provide all aspects of Chimney Sweeping and including Certificates and Free Smoke Tests. Call to book now on 07752 130 577

Wedding services

Chimney sweeps are a traditional accompaniment to a wedding and are said to bring good luck, fertility and fortune to the bride and groom.

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I can advise you on all aspects of chimney sweeping. Contact me on:
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In the 17th century chimneys were cleaned by boys as young as 7 years old. The master sweep would employ small boys to climb into the chimney and scrub the flue with small hand held brushes. On occasions their bodies were rubbed in salt to allegedly toughen there skin against scrapes and bumps. It is rumoured that when the boys got stuck in narrow chimneys a fire would be lit in the fireplace to accelerate their struggling to therefore free them. It was a dangerous and dirty job for the boys to undertake and most would die from either soot suffocation or cancer. Finally in 1864, after many years of campaigns led by Lord Shaftesbury, an act of parliament was approved which outlawed the use of chimney boys.


Professional, reliable and friendly chimney sweep service available for both residential and commercial properties covering Central London, South London, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Kent and East Sussex.

I provide for all aspects of Chimney Sweeping including:

  • Full brush and vacuum sweeping
  • Smoke testing
  • Chimney inspections
  • Advice on wood burners and chimney liners
  • Cowls and bird guards fitted or replaced

I am fully trained by the Guild of master chimney sweeps and will issue a certificate for every chimney swept. Risk assessments and method statements are available for larger commercial work. Feel free to ask any questions I am always happy to advise you without any obligation.

Call me on 07752 130 577 to book

Areas Convered

Chimney sweep servicing Central London, South London, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Bromley, Edenbridge, Wadhurst and all areas in Kent and East Sussex.


If you are at all unhappy with the work provided, I will be happy to speak with you and return to to the property if required and sweep your chimney again at no extra charge!



Thinking of hiring a chimney sweep for your wedding service

Chimney sweeps are a traditional accompaniment to a wedding and are said to bring good luck, fertility and fortune to the bride and groom. The tradition of a chimney sweep bringing the bride and groom luck on their wedding day is one that goes back many years to the reign of King George II.

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A Great Surprise Wedding Gift | Authentic Victorian Costume | Professional Chimney Sweep by trade
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The history of the Chimney Sweep

The story goes that as King George II was travelling in his carriage the horse attached to the carriage suddenly became wild and frenzied. The only person brave enough to take action and stop the horse from bolting with the carriage containing King George on it was a local chimney sweep who courageously stepped in and saved the day.

King George was so grateful to the chimney sweep for saving his life that he issued a Royal Decree that all chimney sweeps were to be regarded as bearers of good luck and that chimney sweeps were to be treated with the greatest of respect.

From that day forth the tradition of chimney sweeps being regarded as omens of good luck was established and this is why many couples make the choice to hire a chimney sweep to attend their wedding day.



Is it true that sweeping a chimney is really messy and will result in soot being put all over my home?

A clean sheet will be placed on the floor in front of the fireplace, dust sheets will then be placed over the fireplace while a powerful vacuum is placed behind the sheets. This prevents any soot entering the room. I will maintain respect for your home at all times.

If I have a stove does that mean I don’t have to sweep my chimney?

Stoves are usually more efficient than an open fire but they still produce soot, particularly if the air flow is shut down to cause a slower burn. The fuel is not burning at its optimum heat and can produce a lot of smoke and soot.

Should I just choose the cheapest chimney sweep because they all do the same job?

I offer a reliable, efficient and professional service. I am fully trained by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. An industry standard certificate is issued with every sweep and I will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

Does a sweep have to go up on my roof to clean my chimney?

No, chimneys are swept from the fireplace and it is not necessary for me to go up onto your roof.

What if my upstairs chimney is connected to my downstairs chimney?

Your chimneys are nearly always separate and require individual sweeping

How often should my chimney be swept?

You should always try to sweep your chimney every year. Sweeping your chimney will prevent the build up of soot and therefore reduce the risk of a chimney fire.

When is the best time to have my chimney swept?

You should try to book for a sweep in early Spring or Summer. If you leave your chimney after a Winter unswept there is a danger of a soot fall which could make a mess of carpets or spread soot into your room. Chimney sweeps are often very busy in Autumn and Winter and can become booked up quite quickly.

What is the best type of wood to burn?

Try to use well seasoned wood to burn as dry wood will burn hotter and cleaner. The moisture in unseasoned wood will cause the acceleration of creosote build up.

What do I do if I have a bird’s nest in my chimney?

If you have a bird’s nest in your chimney it is advised you get the chimney swept, the nest removed and a bird guard fitted to prevent the birds returning. The chances are the bird is a rook or a jackdaw and will probably try to build another nest in your chimney the following year.

Do you use small children to sweep chimneys?

I can guarantee that no children will be used to sweep your chimney.

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